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Prince George City began fluoridation September 12, 1955, after Mayor and Council unanimously passed a resolution (October 4, 1954). 

Mayor, Council and Legal adviser, chose to ignore reasonable public dissent, respectfully and democratically asking the City keep poisons out of City water.

Fluoridation science was new, unproven, sexy and an easy sell to some people who wanted to see themselves as educated, sophisticated and modern people. 

More rational, thoughtful and common sense based people did not want to be drawn into the hype.

Dentists saw fluoridation as a means to an end. The means did not matter so long as in the end they saw more patients both attempting to reduce cavities and earn a better income. Dentists in fluoridated communities earn more than dentists in non-fluoridated communities (City of PG FOI 2013).  Dentists and doctors were scarce in Prince George, desperate to be seen to be using modern dental methods, used as the carrot to draw in more professionals. Residents became unwilling and unknowing experiments. Over the next sixty nine years (1945 - 2014), fluoridation became the politically correct word to hide fluoride poisoning.

Fluoride bearing chemicals such as the federally registered insecticide, sodium fluoride became the first experimental drug used. Locals knew it as a toxic pesticide they regularly used to kill lice, ants, mites and rats. Over the year’s sodium fluoride was replaced with other, less expensive and more deadly fluoride bearing, toxic hazardous waste chemicals containing lead, arsenic and other poisons known to accumulate in and harm our bodies.  Children are harmed the most.

The best comparison demonstrating poisoning of City of Prince George residents is the boiled frog parable.  Slowly add more poison, over a long period of time until it is too late and the damage is done.  Fluoride, lead and arsenic remain known toxic chemicals and neurotoxins, regardless of the amount you drink,because the toxins accumulate in your body replacing calcium.  It’s just a matter of time (faster for some, slower for others) before those affected by individual health challenges, ethnicity, age and gender will understand the effect complicating other and expensive to treat, health issues.

My web site contains a broad based resource of historic, current, legislative, credible research and science based facts, the truth about fluoridation.  Please take the time to become informed, something the City of Prince George and its supporters hope you won’t do.  

While a referendum might seem like a good option, it is a continuation of the deprivation of your individually guaranteed Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to choose to refuse being forcibly medicated and poisoned.  Demand the City and all new candidates, end unethical and forced fluoridation as it began, with a unanimous resolution ending the poisoning and respecting residents, my children, their pets, horses and our environment.

If they refuse, they are confirming your rights and their signed Oath of Office, will be ignored. 

Your only other option is to vote to end fluoridation November 15, 2014 and hope the New Mayor and Council will chose respect for residents over forcibly poisoning You, me and us.  Please write to Mayor and Council and let them know how happy you are with their decision to continue  poisoning  your  family, children, pets, horses, friends and environment.

Chose to be a boiled frog if you wish, however many of us do not want to be in the same stew pot!

This blog will be monitored and is offered for respectful discussion purposes.  Good ideas including respectful suggestions to include other credible information may be considered for addition to this web site, this is your opportunity to help yourself get healthy.  Please respect others the same way you would expect to be respected.  Inappropriate comments will not be published.